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Summer Hours:
Shows start at 9:00 until 10:30 - $10 cover charge

NOTICE: The following video clips may contain adult language and are meant for mature audiences.

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Aaron Woodall is a young, up-and-coming comedian from P.G. County, Maryland who got lost in Utah a few years ago and still hasn't found his way home yet. His energetic brand of humor, littered with pop culture references, has entertained sold-out shows on university campuses and half-empty bars in the Beehive State for the last 2 years. He has also competed in the Annual Rocky Mountain Laugh Off as well as Rooftop Comedy's 2013 National College Comedy Competition.

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It's hard to be likable when you're being brutally honest, but Alvin Williams has found a way. Whether it's celebrities, politics, relationships, sports, family, or random TV commercials, you won't know which direction he's headed next; you'll just be glad you took the ride with him. A five-time featured comic on the viral video network Comedy Time TV, most recently, Alvin has appeared on NuvoTV's new series Comedy Unfiltered as well as the shows Comedy Brew and Quicklaffs on Hulu.

Chadwicks Comedy is proud to present the hilarious Carl Lee as our emcee every Friday and Saturday night.

Carl is a nationally touring comedian with lightning fast wit and big energy. He's appeared on the Bob & Tom Show, and worked with Damon Wayans, Ron White, Bill Bellamy, Lewis Black, and Mo'nique.

"Non-stop laughter. Your comedy skills are untouched. Thanks again from all of us at Bonkers." Bonkers Comedy Club

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    We're all adults here

    We all know comedians can use off-color language as a means of entertainment. That being said, comedy acts at Chadwicks Pub & Sports Bar may contain language inappropriate for some audiences. Adult language is not intended to offend or demean anyone, so please consider this in advance before attending a comedy show.

    Comedy Club in Medford, Oregon
    If you are anything like the millions of other people living in Oregon, then you most likely appreciate the art of comedy. Medford Oregon is home to Chadwicks Pub, the leading comedy night club in the Medford area.

    If you'd like to see true comedy in Medford, Oregon, visit Chadwicks Pub every Friday and Saturday. Our comedy night club features the funniest up and coming comedic talent that this side of the country has to offer, and we host local and national talent alike.

    Comedy Show in Medford, Oregon
    Our Medford stand-up comedy occurs every Friday and Saturday starting at 8:00pm Winter hours and 9:00pm Summer hours. Our comedy show in Medford features top-notch talent for a reasonable cover charge.

    The lineup for our comedy show in Medford is frequently updated and it changes weekly, so customers who are interested in having a good laugh should check our website regularly to see who is scheduled to perform.

    Laughter Is the Best Medicine!
    Did you know that laughter can improve alertness, creativity, and memory? Did you know that regularly laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and increases the production of endorphins and other feel good chemicals? Laughter is the world's greatest medicine and our comedy club in Medford delivers a full dose of laughter every week.

    If you've noticed feelings of listlessness, boredom, or melancholy, then visit one of our Medford stand-up comedy shows for immediate relief of your symptoms. We feature a new stand-up act every week at our comedy Club in Medford, so sit back, order our famous hot chicken wings and enjoy the show!

    Additionally, our comedy club in Medford features high-quality liquors and spirits. If you are a lover of comedy in Medford and love to laugh, be sure to visit us every Friday and Saturday night for live comedy. Medford knows that for weekend hilarity, there is one place on which they can rely: Chadwicks Pub!

    Are you ready for a laugh? Chadwicks Pub invites you to visit us every Friday and Saturday night. Our comedy club in Medford features the best local and national comedic acts. Be sure to check out our website to see who is performing this week!

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